Today, it is essential that all our learners, adults and children alike, have a wide range of skills that develop the ability to function within a rapidly changing society
- skills far beyond those that were needed in the 20th Century.
We need to move our thinking beyond our primary focus on traditional literacy to an additional set of 21st century fluencies that reflect the times we live. in.
We don’t just browse, click, chat and game, we INVENT, we DESIGN, we CREATE, we BUILD,  we SHARE.‚Äč
The digital revolution is transforming marketing, entertainment and technology everywhere.  
The boundaries between media and advertising,  content and products,  creator and producer,  audience and critic are dissolving. 

Designed for children with little or no previous experience Kids’ Rewired ACTIVATE Workshops encourage children to develop their intellectual curiosity, to be collaborative and creative, to problem solve with ICT tools and most of all to “learn by doing”

Our 2 hour holiday workshops provide a fun, supportive environment to learn the basics of Visual Programming Environments.

Kids' Rewired ACTIVATE workshops activate intellectual curiosity, as well as creative, collaborative and problem solving skills through teaching the fundamentals with:
•a focus on underlying concepts of programming language
•discovery through active participation
•entry level robotics
•a hands on approach
Kids' Rewired & Codebrite workshops are:
•self paced
•unplugged and plugged
•differentiated for age groups
•facilitated by professionals.

All walk away with resources and tools to continue learning and make new friends!  

with Kids Rewired & Codebrite children aren’t just learning to code, they are coding to learn...